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About the Designer

Welcome to Aviva Lush.

I'm Aviva, a woman of 50 something embarking on a journey to actualise one of my loves in life.

Amongst food, nutrition and interior design, I love fashion.

My creations reflect my deep awe of nature and the earth.  You'll see in them my affinity to earthy colours and muted tones as well as fibres grown from the earth.

I love many things old and I'm always on the look out for antique or vintage looking pieces. I see in them a richness of experience and time and the secrets of a world gone by.

Each piece is unique, no two items do I make exactly the same, after all we are all originals. 

I love to use real fibres wherever possible, as I revere authenticity and appreciate the genuine.

Above all I love the balance and harmony that result when beauty is created.

It is my hope that those of you who find a piece that resonates with you, experiences the creativity and joy with which it was made.

And for those of you just strolling by, that you enjoy the visual experience inherent within.

Thanks for stopping by!